Welcome To LAST COURSE SENSATIONS "Sweet Bites, Small Delights"


Last Course Sensations is a boutique bakery specializing in single-serving, hand-crafted desserts. Our specialties include “BUTTER TARTS” and "NANAIMO BARS", Canadian favorites which have become popular all across the country. Newly added to our line of products are Shortbread Cookies, Booey's Bites, Bundt Cakes and Mini Bundt Cakes. These exquisite, sinful bites are baked in small batches daily to ensure freshness and the ultimate dessert experience.

Our Tarts

The “Traditional” Butter Tart is made with a flaky butter pastry, filled with a delicious caramel filling and contains plump golden raisins. The “Pecan” Butter Tart is a favorite alternative made exactly the same as the Traditional, containing fresh pecans rather than raisins. Think mini Pecan Pie!! Our newest addition, Chocolate Chunk Butter Tarts contains the same delicious caramel filling and chunks of 60% bittersweet chocolate. We encourage you to enjoy our artisanal desserts at their freshest. They freeze very well, if they make it to the freezer!


Last Course Sensations chooses the finest high quality ingredients with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We support our local farmers and producers and are a proud member of Something Special from Wisconsin. We are thrilled to be part of Wisconsin’s growing food community.


At Last Course Sensations, our passion for excellence in the production of our products parallels our need to exceed customer satisfaction while stirring to be a responsible and vital member of the communities we serve.

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